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Fayetteville Arkansas – Bikes, Blues and Barbecue 2016

The 17th annual Bikes, Blues and Barbeque Motorcycle rally in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Considered one of the largest bike festivals in the country.


Bikes, Bikes, Bikes…


Watching Pelicans at Pelican Watch

IMG_0450(Kure Beach Pier, NC)



The delicate side of the massive southern snow storm.

On February 11-13, the southern US was hit hard by a winter storm. Areas of the south that typically never see snow were covered by nearly a foot of snow. In the news headlines, cars were abandoned in-place where they could not travel any further. Traffic came to a standstill.

With in all that massive snow and ice, there, too is a delicate side. With the ice covered branches, new snow began to fall. The trees took on a white ‘fuzz’ as the snow stuck to the ice without melting.


Moonrise on B. Everett Jordan Lake, NC

Moonrise on B. Everett Jordan Lake, NC

A near full moon rising over Jordan Lake, Raleigh, NC

Knee Deep

Maggie and Chris playing in the tidal basin, Wilmington, NC


Fine Art Photography:

Safe Harbor on a Stormy Morning

New Release


Dog Tired

Dog TiredBriley tired of entertaining her house guests.




On March 12, 2013, Comet Pan-STARRS and a young crescent moon were barely visible  right after sunset from Raleigh, NC.


Purple Daisies

These pictures were taken at Pier 39 in San Francisco. With the mid day sun they seemed to absolutely glow.


Makin’ Faces


Makin' FacesDonna and Chris making each other laugh.